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LiU CPgui

Compressor Parameterization package implemented as Matlab GUI

Download: Latest version of LiU CPgui [LiU_CPguiPack.zip](Ver 1.2: 2017-12-20)


LiU CPgui is a parameterization algorithm for a control-oriented compressor model. This parameterization algorithm enables the user to find the best compressor model parameters that represent any given compressor map is SAE format. CPgui is implemented as a MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI). The proposed compressor model has been developed at the division of vehicular systems and has capabilities to extrapolate outside the usual compressor mapped area. The user can find more information about the capabilities of the compressor model at the listed papers and its references. The purpose of this tool is to give researchers and engineers the possibility to parameterize their own compressor maps and obtain a complete compressor model that can be incorporated to their engine models for simulation, optimization, development, and verification of new control systems. Two Simulink implementations (in a model library format) of the compressor model are also provided with the package, one for forward simulation and another one capable to simulate compressor surge following the Moore-Greitzer modeling principles. Moreover, the proposed forward model is also provided in a Matlab script format.


The parameterization package is provided as free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (Lesser GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation. If you use this software in research or otherwise, please preserve information about it and cite the publications that describe the compressor model and the parameterization method: Llamas and Eriksson, 2018, Llamas and Eriksson, 2017 and Llamas and Eriksson, 2016.


  1. The technical report (Llamas and Eriksson, 2018) contains the complete documentation about the toolbox with examples about how to use the parameterization package.
  2. In the .zip file you will find a contents file, the model library implemented in Simulink and saved in several Matlab versions, the model implemented in Matlab script, an example script, an initialization script and a license file.
  3. To get started, read the LiU CPgui technical report and run the example_LiU_CPgui.m file, this will launch the GUI.


If you have comments, bug reports or other concerns the authors may be contacted at the following email address: Xavier Llamas (xavier.llamas.comellas@liu.se)

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