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PhD course in Vehicular Measurement and Simulation Equipment


The course will introduce the measurement and simulation equipment available at Vehicular Systems with applicaitons in one or several relavent research problems. The course will be divided into modules of around 2 hp each, covering different parts and its possible to chose which ones to attend (although Module 1 is required for Module 2). Preliminary modules:
  • Vehicle propulsion lab
  • Vehicle dynamics measurments
  • Driving cycles - generation and following
  • Driving cycles - mission based
  • Storage of driving data
  • Engine lab

M1: Vehicle Propulsion Lab

  • Safety in the Propulsion Lab
  • Mounting the vehicle
  • Running the Rototest equipement, visiualizing and storing data
  • Compare test run on our equipment with test from Rototest.
  • Examination: Demonstration for visitor and short report from test run comparison.
The module will start with safety instructions and instructions on mounting and dismounting the vehicle, Septemer 5th, 9.00 am, in the vehicle propulsion lab


M2: Driving Cycle Generation and Following

  • Running drive cycles in rototest
  • Mounting and running the pedal robot
  • Implementing ILC for reference tracking
  • Something related to PEMS? (if available)
  • Examination: A working method for following an arbitrary driving cycle in the vehicle propulsion lab, user manual and demo.

M3: Vehicle Dynamics

  • Safety when performing vehical measurments.
  • Mounting the vehicle dynamics sensors
  • Measuring and storing data
  • Mini project: For example vehicle mass and center of gravity estimation
  • Examination: Report on miniproject.



M4: Driving Cycles - Mission Based

  • More information for this module will be added later.

M5: Storage of driving data

  • More information for this module will be added later.

M6: Engine Lab

  • Safety in the Engine lab
  • Running the engine dynamometer
  • Using INCA to visiualize and record measurments from the engine control system
  • Using ControlDesk to visiualize and record measurments from the dSpace Micro Auto Box and Rapid Pro System
  • Using our external measurment system HP1415 and HP1433
  • Running the pV-diagram.

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Last updated: 2017-08-25