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Flywheel angular velocity model for misfire and driveline disturbance simulation

A flywheel angular velocity model for misfire and disturbance simulation is presented. Applications of the model are, for example, initial parameter calibration and robustness analysis of misfire detection algorithms. An analytical cylinder pressure model is used to model cylinder torque and a multi-body model with torsional flexibilities is used to model crankshaft and driveline oscillations. Misfires, cylinder variations, changes in auxiliary load, and flywheel manufacturing errors can be injected in the model and the resulting speed variations can be simulated. A qualitative validation of the model shows that simulated angular velocity captures the amplitude and oscillatory behavior of measurement data and the effects of different phenomena, such as misfire and flywheel manufacturing errors.

Daniel Eriksson, Lars Eriksson, Erik Frisk and Mattias Krysander


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