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Health Monitoring in an Industrial Gas Turbine Application by Using Model Based Diagnosis Techniques

Monitoring of an industrial gas turbine is important since it gives valuable information for the customer about maintenance, performance and process health. The objective of the paper is to develop a monitoring system for an industrial gas turbine application with a model based diagnosis approach. A constant gain extended Kalman observer is developed. The observer compensates for different ambient conditions such as pressure, temperature and relative humidity, due to the amount of water in the atmosphere. The developed observer, extended with seven health parameters, is automatically constructed from the diagnosis model. These health parameters shall capture deviations in some of the gas path performance parameters such as efficiency, mass flow, turbine inlet area and head loss. The constructed observer is evaluated through a simulation study where the ambient conditions are changed. The considered observer capture the change in different ambient conditions nearly perfect. An observer that does not compensate for different ambient conditions gives an error for about 1-2 % for the considered health parameters for the given test case. The constructed observer is also evaluated on measurement data from a mechanical drive site. A degradation in efficiency and mass flow for the compressor due to fouling can be seen in the estimations. After the compressor wash is performed, the degradations for the compressor are partially restored by about 2 % which can be seen in the considered health parameters.

Emil Larsson, Jan Åslund, Erik Frisk and Lars Eriksson


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