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A multi-sensor traffic scene dataset with omnidirectional video

The development of vehicles that perceive their environ- ment, in particular those using computer vision, indispens- ably requires large databases of sensor recordings obtained from real cars driven in realistic traffic situations. These datasets should be time shaped for enabling synchroniza- tion of sensor data from different sources. Furthermore, full surround environment perception requires high frame rates of synchronized omnidirectional video data to prevent information loss at any speeds. This paper describes an experimental setup and software environment for recording such synchronized multi-sensor data streams and storing them in a new open source for- mat. The dataset consists of sequences recorded in various environments from a car equipped with an omnidirectional multi-camera, height sensors, an IMU, a velocity sensor, and a GPS. The software environment for reading these data sets will be provided to the public, together with a collection of long multi-sensor and multi-camera data streams stored in the developed format.

Philipp Koschorrek, Tommaso Piccini, Per Öberg, Michael Felsberg, Lars Nielsen and Rudolf Mester


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