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A Surge and Choke Capable Compressor Flow Model - Validation and Extrapolation Capability

Increasingly stringent emissions legislation combined with consumer performance demand has created the need for complex automotive engines. The control of this complex system relies heavily on control oriented models. Models capable of describing all operating modes of the systems are beneficial, and the models should be easily parametrized and enable extrapolation. A large database of automotive compressor maps is characterized, and used to develop, validate and automatically parametrize a compressor flow model capable of describing reversed flow, normal operation and choke. Measurement data from both an engine test stand and a surge test stand is used to parametrize and validate the surge capability of the model. The model is shown to describe all modes of operation with good performance, and also to be able to extrapolate to small turbo speeds. The extrapolation capability is important, since compressor maps are shown to lack information for low speeds, even though they frequently operate there in an engine installation.

Oskar Leufvén and Lars Eriksson

Control Engineering Practice, 2013

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