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Look-ahead controls of heavy duty trucks on open roads - six benchmark solution

A benchmark problem for fuel efficient control of a truck on a given road profile has been formulated and solved. Six different solution strategies utilizing varying degrees of off-line and on-line computations are described and compared. A vehicle model is used to benchmark the solutions on different driving missions. The vehicle model was presented at the IFAC AAC2016 symposium and is compiled from model components validated in previous research projects. The driving scenario is provided as a road slope profile and a desired trip time. The problem to solve is a combination of engine-, driveline- and vehicle-control while fulfilling demands on emissions, driving time, legislative speed, and engine protections. The strength of this publication is the collection of all six different solutions in one paper. This paper is intended to provide a starting point for practicing engineers or researchers who work with optimal and/or model based vehicle control.

Lars Eriksson, Andreas Thomasson, Kristoffer Ekberg, Alberto Reig, Mark Eifert, Fabrizio Donatantonio, Antonio D'Amato, Ivan Arsie, Cesare Pianese, Pavel Otta, Manne Held, Ulrich Vögele and Christian Endisc

Control Engineering Practice, 2019

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