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An overview of various control benchmarks with a focus on automotive contro

There exists a gap between control theory and control practice, i.e., all control methods suggested by researchers are not implemented in real systems and, on the other hand, many important industrial problems are not studied in the academic research. Benchmark problems can help close this gap and provide many opportunities for members in both the controls theory and application communities. The goal is to survey and give pointers to different general controls and modeling related benchmark problems that can serve as inspiration for future benchmarks and then specifically focus the benchmark coverage on automotive control engineering application. In the paper reflections are given on how different categories of benchmark designers, benchmark solvers and third part users can benefit from providing, solving, and studying benchmark problems. The paper also collects information about several benchmark problems and gives pointers to papers than give more detailed information about different problems that have been presented.

Lars Eriksson

Control Theory and Technology, 2019

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