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Nonlinear EGR and VGT Control with Integral Action for Diesel Engines

A non-linear multivariable control design with integral action is proposed and investigated for control of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) in heavy duty diesel engines. The main control goal is to regulate oxygen/fuel ratio and intake manifold EGR-fraction, and they are specified in an outer loop. These are chosen as main performance variables since they are strongly coupled to the emissions. An existing non-linear control design based on feedback linearization is extended with integral action. In particular the control design method utilizes a control Lyapunov function, inverse optimal control, and a non-linear compensator. Comparisons between different control structures are performed in simulations showing the following four points. Firstly, integral action is necessary to handle model errors so that the controller can track the performance variables specified in the outer loop. Secondly, the proposed control design handles the non-linear effects in the diesel engine that results in less control errors compared to a control structure with PID controllers. Thirdly, it is important to use the non-linear compensator and it is sufficient to use a control structure with PID controllers and a non-linear compensator to handle the non-linear effects. Fourthly, the proposed control design is sensitive to model errors in the EGR and turbine flow model while a control structure with PID controllers and a non-linear compensator handles these model errors.

Johan Wahlström and Lars Eriksson


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