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Road Slope Analysis and Filtering for Driveline Shuffle Simulation

In powertrain analysis, simulation of driveline models are standard tools, where efficient and accurate simulations are important features of the models. One input signal with high impact on the accuracy is the road slope. Here it is found that the amplitude discretization in production road-slope sensors can excite vehicle shuffle dynamics in the model, which is not present in the real vehicle. To overcome this problem road-slope information is analyzed with the aid of both measured and synthetic road profiles, where the latter are generated from regulatory road specifications. The analysis shows that it is possible to separate vehicle shuffle resonances and road-slope information, and designs are proposed for on- and off-line filtering of the road-slope-sensor signal in spatial coordinates. Applying the filter to measured data shows that vehicle shuffle is significantly attenuated, while the shape of the road slope profile is maintained. As a byproduct the use of smoothing the rolling resistance is shown.

Andreas Myklebust and Lars Eriksson


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