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Fuel potential and prediction sensitivity of a power-split CVT in a wheel loader

Wheel loader transmissions are commonly based on a torque converter and an automatic gearbox. This solution is mechanically robust and well suited for the typical operation of the machine, but the fuel efficiency is low at some modes of operation. One proposed improvement is to replace the present transmission with a multi-mode power-split CVT (MM-CVT). This paper compares the fuel saving potential of the MM-CVT to the potential of the present transmission under different assumptions on the prediction of future loads. A load cycle with a probability distribution is created from a measurement including 34 short loading cycles. Trajectory optimization is performed both against this, probabilistic, and three deterministic load cycles with the two concepts. The optimization shows that the MM-CVT transmission has at least 15% better fuel saving potential than the present transmission, and that this difference is not sensitive to the quality of the prediction or the smoothness or length of the load case.

Tomas Nilsson, Anders Fröberg and Jan Åslund


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