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A framework for modeling and optimal control of automatic transmission systems

Development of efficient control algorithms for the control of automatic transmission systems is crucial to maintain passenger comfort and operational life of the transmission components. An optimization framework is developed by state space modeling of a powertrain including a nine speed automatic transmission, diesel engine, torque converter and a model for longitudinal vehicle dynamics considering drive shaft as the only flexibility of the driveline. Emphasis is set on the kinematics of the automatic transmission with the aim of modeling for gearshift optimal control during the inertia phase. Considering the interacting forces between planetary gearsets, clutches and brakes in the transmission, kinematic equations of motion are derived for rotating transmission components enabling to calculate both transmission dynamics and internal forces. The model is then used in optimal control problem formulations for the analysis of optimal control transients in two up-shift cases.

Vaheed Nezhadali and Lars Eriksson


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