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Analysis of Optimal Diesel-Electric Powertrain Transients During a Tip-In Maneuver

Optimal transients of a hybrid powertrain are calculated with the aim to give a smooth and time efficient acceleration. It is shown that there is a trade-off between time and driveline oscillations where high oscillations can be avoided by slightly longer acceleration time and proper control of the electrical and diesel power sources. During a low oscillation acceleration, there is still the possibility to reduce the amount of total consumed electrical and fuel energy. This is investigated by calculation of optimal controls during acceleration for a fixed time while penalizing the usage of energy in a low oscillation acceleration. The balance between electrical and diesel energy usage during the acceleration is also investigated. The results show that to avoid extreme transients by optimal control, a multidimensional formulation of the objective function including different properties should be considered.

Vaheed Nezhadali and Lars Eriksson


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