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PID controllers and their tuning for EGR and VGT control in diesel engines

A PID structure is proposed and investigated for coordinated control of EGR-valve and VGT-position in heavy duty diesel engines. Control goals are to fulfill the legislated emission levels and safe operations of the engine and the turbocharger. These goals are achieved through regulation of the following performance variables: normalized air/fuel ratio lambda, intake manifold EGR-fraction as well as turbocharger speed. A systematic tuning strategy for the PID controllers is also developed and the tuning rules and their performance is successfully illustrated on a demanding part of the European Transient Cycle. Further, it is demonstrated that the VGT-position to turbocharger speed loop does benefit from a derivative part in order to predict high turbocharger speeds. This is due to the large time constant in the corresponding open-loop transfer function.

Johan Wahlström, Lars Eriksson, Lars Nielsen and Magnus Pettersson

IFAC World Congress, 2005

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