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Adaptive Control of a Hybrid Powertrain with Map-based ECMS

To fully utilize the fuel reduction potential of a hybrid powertrain requires a careful design of the energy management control algorithms. Here a controller is created using mapbased equivalent consumption minimization strategy and implemented to function without any knowledge of the future driving mission. The optimal torque distribution is calculated oine and stored in tables. Despite only considering stationary operating conditions and average battery parameters, the result is close to that of deterministic dynamic programming. E ects of making the discretization of the tables sparser are also studied and found to have only minor e ects on the fuel consumption. The controller optimizes the torque distribution for the current gear as well as assists the driver by recommending the gear that would give the lowest consumption. Two ways of adapting the control according to the battery state of charge are proposed and investigated. One of the adaptive strategies is experimentally evaluated and found to ensure charge sustenance despite poor initial values.

Martin Sivertsson, Christofer Sundström and Lars Eriksson


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