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Cylinder state estimation from measured cylinder pressure traces - A Survey

In the search for improved performance and control of combustion engines there is a search for the sensors that gives information about the combustion profile and the state of the gases in the combustion chamber. A particular interest has been given to the potential use of the cylinder pressure sensor and there is quite a lot of work that has been made in this area. This paper provides a comprehensive list of references and summarizes applications and methods for extracting information from the cylinder pressure sensor about the combustion and the gas state. The summary highlights the following topics related to cylinder pressure: measurement chain, cylinder torque, extraction of the burn profile, combustion placement, knocking, cylinder air mass, air to fuel ratio, residual gas estimation, and cylinder gas temperature estimation. The focus in the summary is on the latter topics about the gas state but thermodynamic analysis of the combustion process also gets a longer treatment since many methods for information extraction rely on the thermodynamic properties.

Lars Eriksson and Andreas Thomasson


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