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Exhaust Manifold Pressure Estimation on a Turbocharged SI-engine with Wastegate

In turbocharged engines with wastegate the exhaust pressure can change rapidly. A method to estimate the exhaust manifold pressure is presented for diagnosis of wastegate and turbocharger on spark-ignited engines. It does not require any extra sensors in the exhaust system after the calibration. A non-linear model is developed of the exhaust pressure. Estimates of the exhaust manifold pressure relies on information from an air-to-cylinder observer and a static map of stationary exhaust pressure. The exhaust manifold pressure estimator is validated using a series of wastegate steps on a turbocharged SAAB 2.3 dm^3 SI-engine. The exhaust pressure estimation is designed for steady-state conditions and the validation shows that it works well and converges within 1 to 4 seconds.

Per Andersson and Lars Eriksson

Elsevier Science, 2001

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