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Modeling of a Turbocharged SI engine

Turbocharged SI engines are a major possibility in the current trend of down-sized engines with preserved drivability performance. Considering control and supervision it is favorable to have a mean value model to be used e.g. in observer design. Such models of turbo engines are similar to those of naturally aspirated engines, but there are some special characteristics, e.g. the interconnected gas flows, the intercooler, the difference in relative sizes between the gas volumes (compared to naturally aspirated engines), the turbo, and the waste gate. Here, a model is developed with a strategy to find a model for each engine component (air filter, compressor, after cooler (or intercooler), throttle, engine, turbine, waste gate, and a lumped model for the catalyst and exhaust) as they behave in an engine setting. When investigating agreement with measured data and sensitivity of possible model structures, a number of interesting issues are raised. The experiments and the model validation have been performed on a Saab 2.3 l production engine

Lars Eriksson, Lars Nielsen, Jan Brugård, Johan Bergström, Fredrik Pettersson and Per Andersson

Annual Reviews in Control, 2002

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