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Autonomous Wary Collision Avoidance

Handling of critical situations is an important part in the architecture of an autonomous vehicle. A controller for autonomous collision avoidance is developed based on a wary strategy that assumes the least tireroad friction for which the maneuver is still feasible. Should the friction be greater, the controller makes use of this and performs better. The controller uses an acceleration-vector reference obtained from optimal control of a friction-limited particle, whose applicability is verified by using numerical optimization on a full vehicle model. By employing an analytical tire model of the tireroad friction limit, to determine slip references for steering and body-slip control, the result is a controller where the computation of its output is explicit and independent of the actual tire-road friction. When evaluated in real-time on a high-fidelity simulation model, the developed controller performs close to that achieved by offline numerical optimization.

Victor Fors, Björn Olofsson and Lars Nielsen

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, 2020

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