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A New Chassis Dynamometer Laboratory for Vehicle Research

In recent years the need for testing, calibration and certification of automotive components and powertrains have increased, partly due to the development of new hybrid concepts. At the same time, the development within electrical drives enables more versatile chassis dynamometer setups with better accuracy at a reduced cost. We are developing a new chassis dynamometer laboratory for vehicle research, aiming at extending a recently commercially available dynamometer, building a new laboratory around it, and applying the resulting facility to some new challenging vehicle research problems. The projects are enabled on one hand by collaboration with the dynamometer manufacturer, and on the other hand on collaboration with automotive industry allowing access to relevant internal information and equipment. The test modes of the chassis dynamometer are under development in a joint collaboration with the manufacturer. The laboratory has been operational since September 2011 and has already been used for NVH-analysis for a tire pressure indication application, chassis dynamometer road force co-simulation with a moving base simulator, co-surge modeling and control for a 6-cylinder bi-turbo engine, and traditional engine mapping. We are also looking at projects with focus on look-ahead control, as well as clutch and transmission modeling and control, and driving cycle related research.

Per Öberg, Peter Nyberg and Lars Nielsen


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