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Compressor flow extrapolation and library design for the modelica vehicle propulsion library - VehProLib

Modelbased systems engineering is becoming an important tool when meeting the challenges of developing the complex future vehicles that fulfill the customers and legislators ever increasing demands for reduced pollutants and fuel consumption. To be able to work systematically and efficiently it is desirable to have a library of components that can be adjusted and adapted to each new situation. Turbocharged engines are complex and the compressor model serves as an in-depth example of how a library can be designed, incorporating the basic physics and allowing fine tuning as more information becomes available. A major part of the paper is the summary and compilation of a set of rules of thumb for compressor map extrapolation. The considerations discussed are extrapolation to surge, extrapolation to restriction region, and extrapolation out to choking. Furthermore the compressor diameter is coupled to the maximum performance of the compressor such as maximum speed, mass flow, and pressure ratio. All this is a result of an analysis of a database of more than 300 compressors. The paper uses the compressor modeling to discuss how wishes for extendability and reuse of component performance influences the library design. A Modelica library named Vehicle Propulsion Library VehProLib has been developed to meet these goals by including basic components that give a starting point for modeling and at the same time allows reuse and extendablility.

Lars Eriksson, Vaheed Nezhadali and Conny Andersson


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