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Turbocharger Impact on Diesel Electric Powertrain Performance

When electrifying the powertrain, there arises an opportunity to revise the traditional turbocharging trade-off between fuel-economy and transient performance. With the help of electrification, it might be possible to make the trade-off in favor of fuel economy, since transient response can be improved by the electric machine. The paper investigates this trade-off by looking at three turbocharger selections. A conventionally dimensioned turbocharger, an efficiency optimized turbocharger with maintained flow capacity, and an efficiency optimized turbocharger with increased flow capacity. The concepts are evaluated on the following cases: stationary operation, engine tip-in performance, vehicle acceleration performance, and on road fuel economy performance. The investigation is based on a validated mean value engine model of a six cylinder inline CI engine, and on a validated driveline and vehicle model of a heavy-duty truck. The evaluations are made with the help of simulations and numerical optimal control. The results show that there is a fuel saving potential, and that the transient response is improved by the electric machine.

Viktor Leek and Lars Eriksson

SAE International, 2018

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