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CHEPP -- A Chemical Equilibrium Program Package for Matlab

A program package, that calculates chemical equilibrium and thermodynamic properties of reactants and products of a combustion reaction between fuel and air, has been developed and validated. The package consists of the following four parts: 1) A program for calculating chemical equilibrium. 2) A database that contains thermochemical information about the molecules, which comes from the GRI-Mech tables. 3) A GUI that allows the user to easily select fuels, fuel/air ratio for the reaction, and combustion products. 4) A set of functions designed to access the thermochemical database and the chemical equilibrium programs.

Results are validated against both the NASA equilibrium program (Gordon and McBride, 1994) and the program developed by Olikara and Borman (1975). It is shown that the new method gives results identical to those well recognized Fortran programs.

Lars Eriksson

SAE Technical paper series SP-1830, 2004

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