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Management of Kinetic and Electric Energy in Heavy Trucks

Hybridization and velocity management are two important techniques for energy efficiency that mainly have been treated separately. Here they are put in a common framework that from the hybridization perspective can be seen as an extension of the equivalence factor idea in the well known strategy ECMS. From the perspective of look-ahead control, the extension is that energy can be stored not only in kinetic energy, but also electrically. The key idea is to introduce more equivalence factors in a way that enables efficient computations, but also so that the equivalence factors have a physical interpretation. The latter fact makes it easy to formulate a good residual cost to be used at the end of the look-ahead horizon. The formulation has different possible uses, but it is here applied on an evaluation of the size of the electrical system. Previous such studies, for e.g. ECMS, have typically used a driving cycle, i.e. a fix velocity profile, but here the extra freedom to choose an optimal driving pattern is added.

Erik Hellström, Jan Åslund and Lars Nielsen

SAE International Journal of Engines, 2010

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