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A European Perspective on Collaborative Research in Modeling and Control of Turbocharged Engines

Modeling and simulation plays an important role in the design of the control systems for advanced powertrains. One clear trend is that turbocharged engines are becoming more common and are also being equipped with more than one boosting device. To systematically handle these advanced turbocharging concepts we need to build more knowledge and this knowledge is encapsulated in models.
Recent results for modeling and control of compressors in advanced engines are provided. In particular the experimental results from a large measurement campaign with engine and gas stand hardware are summarized as rules of thumb extrapolating manufacturer compressor data. Thereafter, system properties of V-engines with parallel turbocharging is investigated and used to illustrate applications of the newly developed modeling knowledge. It is used to model, simulate and analyze a compressor instability phenomenon that gives rise to an oscillation. A detection scheme and a controller is also developed and it is shown to quell the oscillation.
Finally the benefits of academic and industrial collaboration, that play an important role in the authors lab as well as in many European institutes, are commented upon. A concluding remark is that the works that are summarized would not have been possible without the cooperation between academy and industry.

Lars Eriksson

Journal of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, 2014

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