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Methodology for modeling, parameter estimation and validation of powertrain torsional vibration

A vehicular powertrain is a lightly damped dynamic system that transfers the engine torque to the driving wheels through a number of inertias and elastic elements. Therefore, it is prone to vibrate and emit noise when disturbances are applied. Providing a methodology, for powertrain vibration modeling and simulation, is one of the key steps in various research topics in the field of automobile engineering. Verification of the engine crankshaft torsion and vibration model, as a subsystem of the powertrain, is proposed in this paper. This is achieved by constructing a rotational multi-body system in MATLAB and utilizing nonlinear least squares method for estimation of the model parameters. The simulated engine angular velocity is compared to the measured data, from a car, which shows a good agreement.

Neda Nickmehr, Lars Eriksson and Jan Åslund


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