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Automotive Control Systems, For Engine, Driveline, and Vehicle

About this textbook

Advances in automotive control systems continue to enhance safety and comfort and to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Reflecting the trend to optimization through integrative approaches for engine, driveline, and vehicle control, this valuable book enables control engineers to understand engine and vehicle models necessary for controller design, and also introduces mechanical engineers to vehicle-specific signal processing and automatic control. The emphasis on measurement, comparisons between performance and modeling, and realistic examples derive from the authors' unique industrial experience (e.g. Bosch) and interactions within IFAC and SAE. The second edition offers new or expanded topics such as diesel-engine modeling, diagnosis and anti-jerking control, and vehicle modeling and parameter estimation. The book addresses professional engineers as well as students. With only a few exceptions, the approaches are close to those utilized in actual vehicles, rather than being theoretical constructs.

Written for:

  • Engineers in automotive engineering and automation


  • Automatic control
  • Driver modeling
  • Vehicle dynamics

Uwe Kiencke and Lars Nielsen

Springer Verlag, 2005

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