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Embedded software for new engine controller

Abstract This thesis describes software development for and testing of a new prototyping system for engine control units used at DaimlerChrysler. The system uses advanced new hardware to implement the engine controller. The purpose of the new hardware is to reduce the cost for the development of new engine control units without sacrificing performance. This is achieved by using hardware designed specifically for engine control. With the help of advanced software tools it should also be possible for people without detailed knowledge about the hardware or programming to work with the system during development. The development of drivers for the hardware and a communication protocol to allow communication between the ECU and external units is presented. An application to allow engineers to perform measurements and calibrations during the development of the engine controller is also assembled and tested. It should be possible for people without knowledge about programming the system to use and alter this application. The testing shows that the current system is functioning satisfactory, but it is also concluded that modifications might have to be made in the future when the engine controller is expanded to perform more functions. It is also concluded that some modifications to the software could be made to increase the performance of the system. It is believed that the described development system will be very powerful once it has matured.

Johan Källström


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