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A Real-Time Platform for Closed-Loop Control and Crank Ankle based Measurement

A real time platform is designed, implemented and validated. The platform is going to work as an aid in the development work of new engines. Data can be acquired under a crank angle interval of an engine cycle and thereafter treated. This is going to be helpful when new technologies will be validated or a non directly measurable variable is will be controlled in a closed loop. The platform consists of a PC with three devices, an A/D device, a counter device and a CAN device. The counter device controls the A/D device with help of treated crank shaft information. The CAN device can send a calculated value every cycle. The platform is adapted to detect SOC on an HCCI engine. With help of the SOC history the combustion phase is going to be controlled in a closed loop. An SOC detecting algorithm developed of Rassweiler and Withrow is implemented. The algorithm is based on crank angle synchronic sampled pressure data.

Klas Telborn


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