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Modeling of Engine and Driveline Related Disturbances on the Wheel Speed in Passenger Cars

Sammanfattning Abstract The aim of the thesis is to derive a mathematical model of the engine and driveline in a passenger car, capable of describing the wheel speed disturbances related to the engine and driveline. The thesis is conducted in order to improve the disturbance cancelation algorithm in the indirect tire pressure monitoring system, TPI developed by NIRA Dynamics AB. The model consists of two parts, the model of the engine and the model of the driveline. The engine model uses an analytical cylinder pressure model capable of describing petrol and diesel engines. The model is a function of the crank angle, manifold pressure, manifold temperature and spark timing. The output is the pressure in the cylinder. This pressure is then used to calculate the torque generated on the crankshaft when the pressure acts on the piston. This torque is then applied in the driveline model. Both a two wheel and a four wheel driveline model are presented and they consist of a series of masses and dampers connected to each other with stiff springs. The result is a 14 and 19 degrees of freedom system of differential equations respectively. The model is then validated using measurements collected at LiU during two experiments. Measurements where conducted of the cylinder pressure of a four cylinder petrol engine and on the wheel speed of two different cars when driven in a test rig. The validation against this data is satisfactory and the simulations and measurements show good correlation. The model is then finally used to examine wheels speed disturbance phenomenon discovered in the huge database of test drives available at NIRA Dynamics AB. The effects of the drivelines natural frequencies are investigated and so is the difference between the disturbances on the wheel speed for a petrol and diesel engine. The main reasons for the different disturbance levels on the front and rear wheels in a four wheel drive are also discussed.

Robert Johansson


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