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A Control-Oriented 0D Model of a Turbocharger Gas Stand Including Heat Transfer

A turbocharger’s performance is measured in a gas stand in order to provide information of the components characteristics. The measurement procedure is a very time consuming process and it is thus desired to make it more time-efficient. To allow for development of an enhanced control strategy used during the mea- surements, a 0D model of a gas stand is developed. The physical gas stand com- ponents are modeled and validated against measurements, all showing a reason- able result. Turbocharger heat transfers are investigated and modeled using a lumped capacitance approach. The heat transfer models shows approximative results when comparing with measurements which is explained by the lack of temperature measurement made on the bearing housing. When the complete gas stand model is validated against measurements, an im- provement of the measurement procedure is examined. By adding an idealized heat source with the possibility to heat the compressor housing, it is possible to reduce the time it takes to reach an equilibrium when switching between two steady state operating points.

Mikael Bengtsson


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