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LiU CPgui: A Toolbox for Parameterizing Compressor Models

A toolbox for parameterizing the ellipse model, that is a control-oriented compressor model, to any given measured compressor map is described in detail in this document. The compressor model has been developed in previous publications and shown to be capable of accurately reproducing the measured data obtained from gas stand measurements, for a wide range of compressors, starting from small automotive applications to large compressors used in marine propulsion. In addition, it has been shown that it is possible to extrapolate both mass flow and efficiency to the unmeasured low speed region of the compressor in a physical way. The parameterization algorithm is based on Total Least Squares (TLS), which is shown here and in previous publications to be a fast and reliable approach to fit the compressor model to the map. The toolbox is implemented in a Matlab Graphical User Interface (GUI) in order to make it easy for the user to parameterize the compressor model. To demonstrate the workflow and ease of use, a complete step-by-step example of how to work with the toolbox is provided. To further facilitate the user in applying the model, the package also provides implementations of the ellipse compressor model both as a Matlab function and as a Simulink block. This way, the user can quickly and reliably use the results of the parameterization process in a desired application, e.g. including the compressor model of a given compressor map in a combustion engine simulation model.

Xavier Llamas and Lars Eriksson


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