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Model Based Diagnosis of Both Sensor-Faults and Leakage in the Air-Intake System of an SI-Engine

Many model based solutions to diagnosis problems in SI-engines have been discussed in literature. However most presented methods are useful only for a specific class of faults. Here a systematic and more general method is presented. With this method, which is based on a structure of hypothesis tests, it is possible to diagnose a large variety of different types of faults. The method is applied to the diagnosis of sensor-faults and leakage in the air-intake system of an SI-engine. The features of the method are demonstrated by using experiments on a real SI-engine. The experiments show that the method is capable to diagnose both leakage and different types of sensor faults. Both detection and isolation are considered. It is for example possible to distinguish between a manifold leak and a manifold pressure sensor fault.

M. Nyberg

SAE Paper, 1999

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