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Hard Realtime Rapid Prototyping Development Platform

Matlab Simulink is a commonly used tool in the design process of control systems. To further take advantage of the Matlab Simulink models it is desirable to translate them for realtime use together with the possibility to read/write physical signals. Real-Time Workshop is an extension to Simulink that automatically generates code from a model to a variety of target platforms. RTAI and RTLinux are hard realtime operating systems, making use of Linux. To make automatically generated code run on RTAI and RTLinux an adaptation of the generation of code is necessary. To control, for example, an automotive engine a data acquisition card with an appropriate device driver is required. Comedi, an open source project, provides a number of device drivers for data acquisition cards. The developed system makes use of Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, RTAI or RTLinux, and the standard data acquisition card NI 6035E using a Comedi device driver. The Simulink models may be executed at frequencies up to 50 kHz on ordinary PC hardware. The evaluation of the system consisted of measuring the interrupt latency of the used motherboard's bus, measuring computation times running Simulink models with known complexity, running models developed at Vehicular Systems and a comparison of interfacing Simulink/Real-Time Workshop between RTAI and RTLinux. The recommended realtime operating system is RTAI due to the open source community support of it as a target platform for Real-Time Workshop.

Christer Rosenquist


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