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Gas flow observer for a Scania diesel engine with VGT and EGR

Today's diesel engines are complex with systems like VGT and EGR to be able to fulfil the stricter emission legislations and the demands on the fuel consumption. Controlling a system like this demands a sophisticated control system. Furthermore, the authorities demand on self diagnosis requires an equal sophisticated diagnosis system. These systems require good knowledge about the signals present in the system and how they affect each other. One way to achieve this is to have a good model of the system and based on this calculate an observer. The observer is then used to estimate signals used for control and diagnosis. Advantages with an observer instead of using just sensors are that the sensor signals often are noisy and need to be filtered before they can be used. This causes time delay which further complicates the control and diagnosis systems. Other advantages are that sensors are expensive and that some engine quantities are hard to measure. In this Master's thesis a model of a Scania diesel engine is developed and an observer is calculated. Due to the non-linearities in the model the observer is based on a constant gain extended Kalman filter.

Andreas Jerhammar and Erik Höckerdal


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