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Detection of driver unawareness based on long- and short-term analysis of driver lane

Many traffic accidents are caused by driver unawareness. This includes fatigue, drowsiness and distraction. In this thesis two systems are described that could be used to decrease the number of accidents. In the first part of this thesis a system using long-term information to warn drivers suffering from fatigue is developed. Three different versions with different criteria are evaluated. The systems are shown to handle more then 60% of the cases correctly. The second part of this thesis examines the possibilities of developing a warning system based on the predicted time-to-lane crossing, TLC. A basic TLC model is implemented and evaluated. For short time periods before lane crossing this may offer adequate accuracy. However the accuracy is not good enough for the model to be used in a TLC based warning system to warn the driver of imminent lane departure.

Fredrik Wigh


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