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Robust Torque Control for Automated Gear Shifting in Heavy Duty Vehicles

In an automated manual transmission it is desired to have zero torque in the transmission when disengaging a gear. This minimizes the oscillations in the driveline which increases the comfort and makes the speed synchronization easier. The automated manual transmission system in a Scania truck, called Opticruise, uses engine torque control to achieve zero torque in the transmission. In this thesis different control strategies for engine torque control are proposed in order to minimize the oscillations in the driveline and increase the comfort during a gear shift. A model of the driveline is developed in order to evaluate the control strategies. The main focus was to develop controllers that are easy to implement and that are robust enough to be used in different driveline configurations. This means that model dependent control strategies are not considered. A control strategy with a combination of a feedback from the speed difference between the output shaft speed and the wheel speed, and a feedforward with a linear ramp, showed very good performance in both simulations and tests in trucks. The amplitude of the oscillations in the output shaft speed after neutral engagement are halved compared to the results from the existing method in Scania trucks. The new concept is also more robust against initial conditions and time delay estimations.

Henrik Abrahamsson and Peter Carlson


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