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Online Identification of Running Resistance and Available Adhesion of Trains

Two important physical aspects that determine the performance of a running train are the total running resistance that acts on the whole train moving forward, and the available adhesion (utilizable wheel-rail-friction) for propulsion and breaking. Using the measured and available signals, online identification of the current running resistance and available adhesion and also prediction of future values for a distance ahead of the train, is desired. With the aim to enhance the precision of those calculations, this thesis investigates the potential of online identification and prediction utilizing the Extended Kalman Filter. The conclusions are that problems with observability and sensitivity arise, which result in a need for sophisticated methods to numerically derive the acceleration from the velocity signal. The smoothing spline approximation is shown to provide the best results for this numerical differentiation. Sensitivity and its need for high accuracy, especially in the acceleration signal, results in a demand of higher sample frequency. A desire for other profound ways of collecting further information, or to enhance the models, arises with possibilities of future work in the field.

Jesper Ahlberg and Esbjörn Blomquist


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