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UKF and EKF with time dependent measurement and model uncertainties for state estimation in heavy duty diesel engines

The continuous challenge to decrease emissions, sensor costs and fuel consump- tion in diesel engines is battled in this thesis. To reach higher goals in engine efficiency and environmental sustainability the prediction of engine states is es- sential due to their importance in engine control and diagnosis. Model output will be improved with help from sensors, advanced mathematics and non linear Kalman filtering. The task consist of constructing non linear Kalman Filters and to adaptively weight measurements against model output to increase estimation accuracy. This thesis shows an approach of how to improve estimates by nonlinear Kalman filtering and how to achieve additional information that can be used to acquire better accuracy when a sensor fails or to replace existing sensors. The best performing Kalman filter shows a decrease of the Root Mean Square Error of 75% in comparison to model output.

Henrik Berggren and Martin Melin


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