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Reduction of Oil Pump Losses in Automatic Transmissions

In the vehicle industry it is of great interest to reduce the emissions and lower the fuel consumption. Up to now a lot of effort has been put into increasing the efficiency of the engine, but it starts to get expensive to keep improving the engine. In this master thesis the transmission and especially the oil supply to the transmission is investigated. An example of how the requirements of an oil pump can be decided is described. Knowing the requirements different pumps may be adapted to meet the demands. The gear pump used today is compared with a variable displacement pump and an electric pump. The gear pump is not possible to control, but the other two are. A few simple control strategies are introduced. The strategies are implemented and the three pumps are used in the same drive cycle. It is shown that it is possible to reduce the energy that the pump requires if it is replaced by a variable vane pump or an electric pump.

Camilla Larsson


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