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Development and Evaluation of Model-Based Misfire Detection Algorithm

This report present the work to develop a misfire detection algorithm for onboard diagnostics on a spark ignited combustion engine. The work is based on a previous developed model-based detection algorithm, created to meet more stringent future legislation and reduce the cost of calibration. In the existing approach a simplified engine model is used to estimate the torque from the flywheel angular velocity, and the algorithm can detect misfires in various conditions. The main contribution in this work, is further development of the misfire detection algorithm with focus on improving the handling of disturbances and variations between different vehicles. The resulting detection algorithm can be automatically calibrated with training data and manage disturbances such as manufacturing errors on the flywheel and torsional vibrations in the crankshaft occurring after a misfire. Furthermore a robustness analysis with different engine configurations is carried out, and the algorithm is evaluated with the Kullback-Leibler divergence correlated to the diagnosis requirements. In the validation, data from vehicles with four cylinder engines are used and the algorithm show good performance with few false alarms and missed detections.

Linus Therén


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