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Driver Model for Mission-based Driving Cycles

When further demands are placed on emissions and performance of cars, trucks and busses, the vehicle manufacturers are looking to have cheap ways to evaluate their products for specific customers’ needs. Using simulation tools to quickly compare use cases instead of manually recording data is a possible way forward. However, existing traffic simulation tools do not provide enough detail in each vehicle for the driving to represent real life driving patterns with regards to road features. For the purpose of this thesis data has been recorded by having different people drive a specific route featuring highway driving, traffic lights and many curves. Using this data, models have then been estimated that describe how hu- man drivers adjust their speed through curves, how long braking distances typi- cally are with respect to the driving speed, and the varying deceleration during braking sequences. An additional model has also been created that produces a speed variation when driving on highways. In the end all models are imple- mented in Matlab using a traffic control interface to interact with the traffic simulation tool sumo. The results of this work are promising with the improved simulation being able to replicate the most significant characteristics seen from human drivers when approaching curves, traffic lights and intersections.

Marcus Almen


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