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Efficient Route-Based Optimal Energy Management for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The requirements on fuel consumption and emissions for passenger cars are getting stricter every year. This has forced the vehicle industry to look for ways to improve the performance of the driveline. With the increasing focus on electrification, a common method is to combine an electrical driveline with a conventional driveline that uses a petrol or diesel engine, thus creating a hybrid electric vehicle. To fully be able to utilise the potential of the driveline in such a vehicle, an efficient energy management strategy is needed. This thesis describes the development of an efficient route-based energy management strategy. Three different optimisation strategies are combined, deterministic dynamic program-ming, equivalent consumption minimisation strategy and convex optimisation, together with segmentation of the input data. The developed strategy shows a decrease in computational time with up to more than one hundred times compared to a benchmark algorithm. When implemented in Volvo’s simulation tool, VSim, substantial fuel savings of up to ten percent is shown compared to a charge-depleting charge-sustain strategy.

Mattias Andreasson and Simon Berntsson


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