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Fuel Efficient Speed Profiles for Finite Time Gear Shift with Multi-Phase Optimization

A method that finds fuel optimal speed profiles for traveling a predefined distance is presented. The vehicle is modeled using a quasistatic formulation and an optimal control problem is defined. In addition, the solving method is based on a multi-phase optimization algorithm based on dynamic programming. This approach results in lower computational time than solving the problem directly with dynamic programming, it also makes the computational time independent of the travel distance. In addition, the simulation generated data can be used to get the solution to several optimal control problems in parallel that have additional constraints. Further a finite time gear shift model is presented to include the gear selection in the optimization problem. The problem also considers speed losses and fuel consumption during the maneuver. The results presented show the optimal speed and gear profiles to cover a distance, making special emphasis at the acceleration phase, where it is optimal to perform a fast acceleration to engage the highest gear as soon as possible. Finally a proposed application is to use the simulation data to provide eco-driving tips to the driver.

Xavier Llamas, Lars Eriksson and Christofer Sundström


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