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Fuel Level Estimation for Heavy Vehicles Using a Kalman Filter

The object with this project is to develop a more accurate way to measure the level in the fuel tank in Scania vehicles. The level should be displayed for the driver and a warning system be implemented to make the driver aware if the fuel level is too low. Furthermore a main goal is to develop an estimation of the distance that the vehicle could travel before refueling is needed. The fuel level estimation system is modeled using Matlab Simulink and simulated with measurement data collected from real driving scenarios. After evaluating the system it is implemented in one of the electrical control units located on a test vehicle which communicates with other systems. After implementation more tests are performed with the test vehicle to verify that the same functionality achieved during simulations is achieved using the system implemented in a vehicle. The fuel level estimated with a KF (Kalman filter) that uses fuel consumption and level measurement results in good performance. A more stable level estimate is achieved and a negative elevation of the estimate most of the time, as a result of fuel use. Compared to the method Scania vehicles estimate their fuel level with today the new level estimate is more steady and not that easily affected by fuel movements. The KF is more demanding in terms of memory allocation, processor speed and inputs needed, which has to be considered when comparing both methods. Another disadvantage with the KF is that it is dependent on the samples from the fuel level sensor to get an initial estimate during startup. Furthermore the KF is easily expanded with more inputs that use information from other sensors on other parts of the vehicle.

Peter Wallebäck


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