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Estimering av laster i PTO-kraftutag

To extend the possible use of a truck it can be equipped with auxillary equipment for handling cargo and different working tools. These are powered using a Power Take-Off (PTO) connected to the vehicle´s drivetrain. In the current situation the control system lacks information about these loads, which can have a negative impact on the control. In this thesis a method for estimating the unknown PTO torque is presented. The method is based on Newtons second law of motion describing the motion of the flywheel. The driving torque from the drivetrain is described by a dynamic model. By calculating how much torque that should suffice in the present driving situation and comparing this to the torque delivered by the engine, the parasitic losses and unknown external loads can be estimated. A sensitivity analysis of the ambient influence on the model and the PTO estimation shows that the estimation cannot be performed in a robust and reliable way. The errors that arise from faulty input to the model such as deficient road slope and vehicle mass information result in errors with greater magnitude than the load torque to be estimated. It is also concluded that in the Engine Management System (EMS), the calculation of the torque delivered by the engine can show a static error of up to approximately 70Nm.

Magnus Seldén


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